from the perspective of sociology, psychology, biology and cosmos

Physical and biological world


Constant changes occurring all around cause the changing colors in the sky, form wind, rain and storm, bring ice and cold, sooth our bodies with breeze, sunshine and feelings of pleasure and warmth. The source of all these sentimental feelings is the mechanical motions of atoms and molecules constantly joining, falling apart and then forming new bonds with nature and making journey on Earth as atmosphere swinging with heat and cold, from night and day. During this dance of the molecules the energies are being released and absorbed, the radiations are being emitted and exchanged, the invisible laws of nature are conducting the symphony where all players must synchronize with the rhythm of the cosmos, to make it a reality  that can sustain the marvel which we experience as our world...



- Wiorld is the foundation of the will

-  Will is the foundation of the world

- Will can negate or posit the world: Will and void

Brain, intelligence and will in the world

The capacity to make use of the information, retrieve data from memory and make judgements about the nature of the situation on the basis of what has been experienced and learnt from earlier circumstances, and then decide about the best way to act and respond in order to achieve the desired circumstance of life, is the foundation of the free will. The will to survive by overcoming the challenges of the world is the primary nature of this free will. Without this will the living creatures will be prey of circumstances, and loose the power to survive. One may also see it in another way: In the form of a will to dominate and subjugate the weaker creatures, who one may encounter in the way of struggle for survival. By restricting and depriving others of freedom and possibilities, one seeks to enhance one`s own with the aim to secure one`s conditions of survival. One uses knowledge, intelligence and strategy to make it a success. The better the capacity of the brain, more advantage one enjoys with this free will. ..  




- Will  as a mirror

- Nature of the will and the world

- Morality and social  evolution

- Morality and science

- Complex issues regarding individual freedom and group ggroup freedomConflicts of civilizations and  age of internet and ...

- Morality, God and esoteric world