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Biology of compassion

How does science support the moral standpoints which include both altruism and compassion for others, as well as the freedom of the individuals in pursuit of one`s own happiness and development?

Biology, of course, confirms the unity of all living beings - starting from bacteria to the human race. All are made of the same elemental stuff forming amino acids and the nucleic acids. The different arrangement of base pair molecules in the DNA double helix strand make the variations of life forms. The differences of characters, traits and mental capacities can be traced to the genetic code. Life supports each other and live on each other. We can not create all amino acids ourselves. We need to consume other plants and animals to get the some required amino acids for our existence. In the living world, all depend on all in order to maintain the spectrum of living species we observe on Earth. Respect and reverence to all life appear necessities for the existence of life of all. However, the living creatures also feed on each other in order to continue to survive. On the sacrifice of the species of lower intelligence the specie of higher intelligence evolve and thrive. One calls it the evolutionary struggle and fitness. So one may wonder how to define moral in this world of the predators and the preys: Life brings to everybody the challenges of making adjustments and compromise of freedom which can reduce conflicts so that an orderly functioning of the society can be sustained. Preying for finding means to live and survive become ethically allowed as long as one does it from the necessity of nature, and not as a project to destroy the rhythm of nature which maintains a fine balance of all living creatures with the physical environments. When taking life becomes nature`s way of sustaining order, the questions of morality may need a different approach...



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