from the perspective of sociology, psychology, biology and cosmos


The greater Man, to whom all human beings belong, exist in two different states: In one he is “children of women and men” and in the other he is Son of God. One is bound to the body of flesh and blood whose will is conditioned by the world existing in form, while the other issues from a Divine realm existing beyond the sphere where will moves in a fate-bound world. Although God has addressed to Man, he has been sometimes speaking as Son of God, often referring to his existence as Man-God, who intervenes in the world, which is bound to matter and form. It is very difficult to understand distinctions between God, existing beyond the matter-bound world and the soul-bound will, and Man-God and Son of God intervening in the world where  human will manifests. The texts here are intended for those who are interested in the questions of God and the psychologist and neurologists who would like to understand a weird phenomena generated by the human brain.  



- how does God relate to the world and the will?

- does God enact God`s Will to brinbg changes in the world?

- God as the foundation of the law-giving order in the world

Teach about values and meaning of life


- etc...etc...

- Nature of the will and the world

- Morality and social  evolution

- Morality and science

- Complex issues regarding individual freedom and group ggroup freedomConflicts of civilizations and  age of internet and ...

- Morality, God and esoteric world