from the perspective of sociology, psychology, biology and cosmos

Complexities of moral issues

The problem of moral gets more and more complex as we see human life from the perspective of biology and evolution, and know how this biological life is embedded inside a complex entanglement of the micro- and macro cosmos. In every level there are interactions of many in the process of forming and sustaining the existence of any single life. Starting from the radiations coming from the sun, and the movements of air and water churned by the gravitational pull of the cosmic orbs to the inhalation and exhalation of breaths of the living beings are all intricately entangled to form the basis of existence we enjoy. Everything has its natural rhythm and propensity by which it seeks  to interact with the world. One can call it a natural wisdom, which is too complex for analysis by the human mind. One can view it as the wisdom of the whole i.e. the entire universe and all beings embedded in it. Call it God, or anything else is only one`s own choice of semantic. In this natural rhythm things appear under the tensions of forces, and disappears in the same way; life comes and goes as natural cycle of life and death; mind emerges and sinks in the stream of animated world; will asserts itself as freedom from the drag of matter and submits itself to the higher will in order that all may exist as one creating the rhythm and harmony  which can not be undone. One may call it destiny (if one so wants): In this destiny there exists freedom to move, act, change course following the inner power of the mind in order to return and unite with the force from which mind has sprung.....



- depends on the different levels of mental awareness

- depends on the level of social organization one interacts

- depends on the categories of relations involved

-change with history and time

Challenges to find easy paths of morality

Moral has multi-dimensional components, which may appear as contradictions once activities in one area are judged with activities in another arena. The same man, who is pious and seen as morally elevated in the spiritual matter, can behave in a morally fallen way in many other fronts of human interactions. Moreover, through the interests and practices of groups, institutions, and nations one define what is moral or immoral for one, which may contradict others`point of views. Moral is thus tangled in such a complex web of individual, group, national and institutional pathways that to define a universal moral for all in the same way seems impossible....


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